• Seiko Seizaiken 395 / SR927W Mercury Free Battery


  • ₱100.00

  • Description

    Cross Reference Interchangeable With: 610, 280-48, 280-20, GP95, SR927SW, SR926SW, SP395, RW313, RW13, 25, SB-AP, SB-DP, LA, D2T, W2T, 523, SR57, GS7, SG7, S28.

    Seiko's mercury-free silver oxide batteries are manufactured in a high-tech clean room environment in a newly constructed factory. This facility was specifically designed for the manufacturing of ultra precision electronic devices and incorporates all new equipment. Within the clean room environment Seiko has eliminated contamination allowing us to ensure consistent quality.

    • High quality Japan made
    • Advance technology and High Reliability
    • No Mercury & No Lead Added
    • Excellent leakage resistance

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