• Horotec 09.004 Reversible Movement Holder


  • ₱1,800.00

  • Description

    This tool is almost identical to the Bergeon 4040 by size, country of origin, finish and capacity. This Horotec movement holder is incredibly versatile because it is reversible. It allows you to hold large watch movements from 20 mm (8 ¾ ligne) to 43 mm (19 ligne) in size. It is considered to be a classic by watchmakers. It is nickel plated and sanded to remove all rough edges to protect the watch movement.

    • Reversible movement holder
    • Holds watch movements from 8 3/4 ligne to 19 ligne or 20 mm to 43 mm
    • Nickel plated
    • Sanded to remove rough edges and protect the movement
    • Made in France

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