Marc & Sons

For thousands of years, mankind has been the subject of time.

MARC & SONS would like to share this enthusiasm for time. From years of experience they know that a clock is more than an instrument to tell the time. Them and many of their customers are of the opinion that a clock gives its wearer a special and individual life. At the present time the clock is one of the most worn accessories and thus forms the perfect complement to our clothing. A clock provides its carrier several times a day, the information of the time and thus represents a precision instrument. MARC & SONS has made it its mission to connect the high value of a measuring instrument with the aesthetics so that the individuality of the wearer is underlined. They want to give our customers a perfect combination of functionality, style and personal life along the way.

Like many others, some very well-known watch manufacturer, MARC & SONS works with so-called date yours. This is partly to individual watchmaker but also to renowned watch manufacturer in the world. To meet the high demands of our customers, they only use components known and renowned parts manufacturers. We build quality watch mainly works of world-famous producers ETA or Miyota. Only then is it possible to offer their customers a quality product at the highest level and to ensure a long shelf.

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