Colomer & Sons


The beginnings of Colomer & Sons sprang from a dream and from various trips by a man who was enthralled with watches. A man who was able to transmit this fascination to his family throughout generations. Our watches combine three concepts that are key to their development: passion, uniqueness and an unbeatable quality for their price. They are watches that will captivate the person wearing them.
Colomer & Sons :: Brand philosophy
We are a brand with a very clear philosophy, to bring our clients the best products, exclusive, elegant and modern but always with an unbeatable relation between their quality and their price. WE DO NOT WORK WITH INTERMEDIARIES, we design and produce all of the watches ourselves.

Our question is always the same, why pay more for the same quality, sometimes even inferior, when there is a brand that offers you the same for much less? And that is what we work on every day, both in our design department as well as in the development of the final product, we look for excellence to later produce at the best possible prices, we don't think too much about the final benefit that we receive from each sale, but concentrate more on the satisfaction of our clients and that they are proud of the brand that they have purchased.

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