After having spent almost thirty years studying and working as an apprentice in a watch factory in Shanghai, Albert Reed, along with his brother, founded the watch company, Arbutus, in the early 1980's. Reed decided to name the company after his hometown in Canada, which was largely destroyed in a huge wildfire. In New York, Reed and his brother imported all the watches mechanics, assembled and sold the timepieces in the U.S. In 1992, the company Bomass Ltd purchased and marketed the Arbutus brand. Arbutus comes with varying imaginative concepts from Asia, Europe and America to provide cutting edge designs. Engineers ensure the finest mechanical quality of Arbutus designs and the brand has gained an international timepiece profile.


New York, United States branded watch, Arbutus, started early 80’s, Fashion Quartz Analogue watches had been the main focus of Arbutus. But in 1998 Arbutus launched its first Automatic Watch series with glorious success.   This debut collection was an amalgamation of precision mechanical movement and classic art design. Armed with such great success, Arbutus transited all collection lines to mechanical movements by the end of year 2000.

Year 2005, Arbutus began the tradition of launching an annual “Limited Edition” collection. Significant models include Arbutus’s first Skeleton Tourbillion in 2006 and 18K Rose Gold Diamond Watch with Swiss Made Automatic Chronograph movement in 2008. Year 2008 marked a significant milestone for Arbutus; it collaborated with a mechanical movement supplier to develop Arbutus’s own designs with improved mechanical movements.
Arbutus designers are currently working towards the release of an exquisite line of gentlemen’s’ accessories to compliment the watch collections in 2010. The line would include writing instruments, tie clips, cuff links, leather products and sunglasses.
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